Dan Gonen

Dyonisos wears kringloop - Kunstruimte Lokaal Utrecht

26 September - 6 October 2019

The word fashion- ‘way’ or ’mode’, means the style in which clothing is made. In fashion, the creative process is determined by the taste of the consumer at a certain moment. The starting point is therefore the wish to sell as many items of clothing as possible. Working outside of fashion is a creative process where the clothing language is used as a means to tell a story. Making clothing out of fashion is a position in a world where most wearable items are produced under the roof of the commercial industry. Making clothing on independent platforms, focused on the search for alternative contents (individual, experimental, poetic etc.) can change the way we look at what we wear. The role of wearable objects in human culture may then evolve, from fast consumed garments to a meaningful language in itself.

The title of the project is derived from the title of the film "The Devil Wears Prada". In this exposition, Dionysos, the mythological god of growth, the grape harvest and ritual ecstasy is a guest at an intimate celebration of making alternative fashion, recycling and working with found objects.
Kunstruimte Lokaal Utrecht